Configure One-Step Actions for Trusted Agent

One-Step™ Actions can be configured to run using Trusted Agent. This enables you to run specific Actions, such as Print and Write to a File, on remote servers and distributed systems.

You can use Trusted Agent with these Actions:

  • Print
  • Run a Program
  • Run a Report
  • Write to a File
  • Transfer Attachments
  • Call a Web Service
  • Excel Merge

With the exception of Call a Web Service, SaaS customers must use a Trusted Agent for all of these Actions when One-Step Actions will run on a server. This includes the Browser Client, CSM Portal, Cherwell REST API, Automation Processes, and the Scheduler running in a two-tier configuration. You can use a Health Check rule to locate and configure One-Step Actions for a Trusted Agent as needed. See SaaS One-Step™ Action Check.

One-Step Actions listed in the Health Check results will not run until you configure them for Trusted Agents.

You can configure a Trusted Agent for one or more of the supported Actions within a single One-Step Action. Depending on your needs, you can assign a different Trusted Agent service group to each Action.

To use Trusted Agent with One-Step™ Actions:

  • Trusted Agent must be configured for your system. For more information, see Configuring Trusted Agent.
  • Optionally, define Trusted Agent Service Groups so you can execute One-Step Actions on specific Trusted Agent Services.
  • You must have security rights to configure One-Step Actions to run on a Trusted Agent. If you do not have these rights, you can view Trusted Agent configuration settings, but you cannot change them.

To configure a One-Step Action to run on a Trusted Agent:

  1. From the One-Step Editor Designer Board, select an Action that supports Trusted Agent.
  2. Select the Trusted Agent page.
  3. Select the Run on Trusted Agent check box.
  4. Select one of these Trusted Agent service group options:
    • Any Trusted Agent Group: Uses the next available Trusted Agent to execute the Action.
    • Specific Trusted Agent Group: Uses a specific Trusted Agent service group to use for the Action.
  5. Review General properties for the One-Step Action to ensure they are valid for the selected Trusted Agent service group. For example, for a Print Action, verify that the printer you select is valid for the Trusted Agent service group.