SaaS One-Step™ Action Check

Run the Health Check Tool and select the SaaS One-Step Action Check rule. This rule looks for One-Step Actions and tokens that may need to use a Trusted Agent in a hosted environment.

SaaS customers must use a Trusted Agent for all of the following Actions when they will run on a server. This includes the Browser Client, CSM Portal, Cherwell REST API, Automation Processes, and the Scheduler running in a two-tier configuration.

  • Print
  • Run a Program
  • Run a Report
  • Write to a File
  • Transfer Attachments
  • Excel Merge

One-Step Actions listed in the results will not run until you configure them to use a Trusted Agent.

This rule is only available on systems using a SaaS license.

To see One-Step Actions that must use a Trusted Agent:

  1. Select the SaaS One-Step Action Check rule when you Run the Health Check Tool.
  2. Use the information returned in the report to locate and configure One-Step Actions and tokens to use a Trusted Agent:

For example, for this results entry:

Token: Product Name, Business Object: Incident, Folder: Buttons and Link Labels, Type: One-Step Action - Create Mobile CI

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the One-Step Manager, and then search for Create Mobile CI.
  2. Edit the One-Step Action.
  3. Select each One-Step Sub-Action until you see a warning message that indicates the Action must use a Trusted Agent.
  4. Select the Trusted Agent page.
  5. Select the Use Trusted Agents check box and a specific Trusted Agent Group, if applicable.

  6. Verify that other Sub-Actions in the One-Step Action are configured correctly.
  7. Save and publish your changes.