Run the Health Check Tool

Run the Health Check Tool to monitor and optimize system configurations that impact performance. You can select which tests to run, and then save the results to a file.

Hosted and on-premises customers can run the Health Check Tool. Cherwell hosted servers run a standard SQL configuration so hosted customers can disregard some Health Check Tool results.

In all cases, suggestions made for adding or dropping indexes should be made in CSM Administrator rather than directly in the database. This prevents the next Blueprint publish from removing the index changes.

Before Running the Health Check Tool

We recommend:

  • SQL Server should run for a minimum of three business days before using the Health Check Tool.
  • If changes are made, again let the server run for a minimum of the business days before using the Health Check Tool.
  • On-premises customers should check these SQL Server settings prior to running the Health Check Tool:
    • ServerMaxMemory
    • OptimizeAdhoc

    If you are using a dedicated server (not a shared cluster) to host the database, Cherwell recommends you set OptimizeAdHoc to true. If an on-premises database has OptimizeAdHoc set to False and is not using a shared cluster, this setting should be changed accordingly.

Run the Health Check Tool

To run the Health Check Tool:

  1. From the CSM Administrator main window, select the Performance category.
  2. Select Run Health Check.
  3. Choose which tests to run:
    • In the Run Selected Rules pane, select the rules to check various areas of your system. The list of rules available to you may vary depending on the version of CSM and the Health Check plug-in that you have installed.
    • Select the Generate Usage Statistics check box to check system and database information.

      Some rules and usage statistics require View server state privilege for the database login account. In SQL Server Management Studio, this privilege is located on the Securables tab of the Login Properties dialog box.

    • Select the Select None link to generate CSM system and the Health Check plug-in information only.
  4. Select OK.

    The Health Check results open in a separate window.

  5. Select the relevant option:
    • Save to File: Save the results to an HTML file.
    • Submit: Send the results to Cherwell Support on request.
    • Create Blueprint: Create and save a new Blueprint to add recommended missing indexes and remove duplicate indexes based on the Health Check results. This option provides greater convenience and accuracy than adding and removing indexes manually. Blueprints created from Health Check results only include missing and duplicate indexes; they will not address other recommendations from the Health Check.

      If you select the Create Blueprint option be aware that missing indexes are only created if the TotalCost metric has a value of 10 million or greater.