Interpreting Health Check Results

After running the Health Check Tool, you can optimize system configurations based on the results of the basic checks, rules reports and usage statistics.

Basic checks:

  • System Information
  • Business Object Unique Attribute Checks
  • Plugin Manager Rules

Interpreting Rules reports:

  • Group Member Orphans
  • Network Health Check
  • Save/Refresh Commands in One-Step Actions
  • 1-to-Many Relationships in Expressions
  • Missing Native REST API Clients
  • Runtime Performance Warnings
  • Foreign Key Configuration
  • Check Canonical Compliance
  • Out of Date Index Statistics
  • Check Business Objects for Consistency
  • Mismatched Def IDs
  • Business Object Cachable Check
  • Missing Index Rule

Interpreting Usage Statistics:

  • Check Database
  • Worst Queries by Average Reads
  • Worst Queries by CPU
  • SQL Wait Statistics
  • Table Size Statistics
  • Index Usage Statistics

Open your report in a browser.