One-Step Editor

The One-Step Editor is a tool that allows you to easily create simple or complex One-Step Actions to automate common or repetitive tasks in CSM. Use the One-Step Editor to create and edit One-Step Actions in CSM Administrator or the CSM Desktop Client.

  1. Toolbar.
  2. One-Step Action Components:

    Tabs that show Designer Boards for the series of Actions that comprise the One-Step Action (the main Actions as well as pre-steps and post-steps, if applicable).

  3. Aerial View:

    View the entire process as you zoom in and out. Also allows you to move the section of the current process on the Designer Board.

  4. Designer Board:

    A visual representation of the process.

  5. Actions Pane: Actions available to be added to the Designer Boards. These are categorized as:
    • Common Actions: Actions that are commonly used in One-Step Actions.
    • Business Object Actions: Actions that create new Business Objects or require access to Business Object data.
    • Advanced Actions: Actions that involve knowledge of advanced concepts and/or more complex configuration.

    The Trusted Agents icon () indicates Actions that can be executed using Trusted Agents.

  6. Step Details:

    Details of the currently selected step in the process.

    This is where you define properties for the One-Step Action and for each Action.

The Designer Board for the One-Step Editor includes the following elements:

  1. Start Graphic:

    Event or starting point that initiates the process.

    Select the Start Graphic on the Designer Board to define general properties for the process.

  2. Placeholder Graphic:

    Holds the steps (Events and/or Actions) that constitute the process.

    A yellow Trusted Agents icon indicates if an Action is configured to run using Trusted Agents.

  3. End Graphic:

    Indicates the end of the process.