Manually Unlock a Locked Record

Use the Locked By You button on the CSM toolbar (Desktop Client and Browser Client) to manually unlock a locked record.

Good to know:

  • Some systems are configured to automatically unlock a record: 1) When the lock holder saves an edit, 2) when the lock holder logs out of his session, or 3) after a configured expiration.

To manually unlock a locked record:

  1. On the CSM Desktop Client toolbar or CSM Browser Client toolbar, click the Locked By You button.

    You can also click Edit>Locked By You from the CSM Desktop Client menu bar.

    CSM unlocks the record.

    To the lock holder (User who locked the record):

    • The Record Locking button toggles to the Unlocked button so that the User can manually re-lock the record, if needed).

    To any User who was viewing the locked record:

    • The Record Locking button toggles to the Unlocked button.
    • If the record was edited by the lock holder, any Users viewing a locked record are given the option to reload the record if saved edits are detected.

      In the Desktop Client, change notifications (reload and merge) can be configured to be automatic or optional upon an attempt to edit. In the Browser client, automatic notifications are not available, so Users are given the option to reload and merge only if they attempt to edit a locked record.

    • The locked record becomes editable again (enforced record locking only).