Define Column Headers for Report Styles

Use the Column Headers page to define the following:

  • Font: Font type, size, and style of the Column Header band of the Report.
  • Alignment and Color: Text alignment, color, and background color of the band.
  • (Optional) Draw Lines: Add lines to the band.

To define the Column Headers options for Report Styles:

  1. Open the Report Style Window to edit a Report Style or create a Report Style.
  2. Click Column Headers in the Report Styles window.

    Report Style Window Column Headers

  3. Define the Font settings:
    • Font type (example: Microsoft Sans Serif)
    • Font size (example: 22)
    • Font style (bold, bold italic, italic, regular)
  4. Define the Alignment and Color settings:
    • Text alignment (vertical and horizontal)
    • Text color
    • Background color (the color that appears behind the text in the title only)
  5. Select the Draw lines check box if you want to add lines:
    • Select where to place lines using the Top, Bottom, Left, and or Right check boxes.
    • Enter a Line width to set the thickness of the lines (all lines, Top, Bottom, Left, and/or Right, will be the same width).
    • Click the Line color drop-down to define the line color.
  6. Click OK to save and close the Report Style, or proceed to Data Options.