Pick a Date/Time Format for Grouping Fields in the Report Wizard

If you use a Date/Time field to group Report data, use the Pick a Date/Time Format for Grouping Fields page (accessed from within the Report Wizard) to group results by a specific time period. Example: Organize the number of incoming Incidents by the day of the week so you can adjust staffing needs based on the incoming rate.

To select a date/time format for the Field grouping:

  1. Select a Date/Time Field to group the Report by on the Set up Report Grouping page.
  2. Select the Apply Format to [Grouped Field] check box, and then select a format radio button:
    • Group by Date
    • Group by Year
    • Group by Month
    • Group by Day of Week
    • Group by Hour of the Day
    • Group by Hour and Minute
  3. Click Next to open the Set Report Title, Header, and Footer page.