Set up Report Grouping in the Report Wizard

The Set up Report Grouping page of the Report Wizard allows you select Fields to use to Group data rows. Each Group you add also adds a Group Header and Footer.

The Group Header is used to label the data included in the Group (example: Subcategory).

By default, the Group Footer includes a Count of the total number of matching records in the Group (example: Two Incidents listed in the Subcategory). You can use standard and custom metrics to customize this Field (example: Configure this Field to show the Average value of the Group).

To select Fields to use to Group data:

  1. Locate the Field you want to Group Report rows by in the Fields list.
  2. Double-click the Field or use the Move Right arrow Arrow Right Green to add it to the Group Fields list.
  3. Use the arrows to add, remove, and reorder Group Fields.
  4. Click Next.

    If you use a Date/Time field to group Report data, the Pick a Date/Time Format for Grouping Fields page opens. Otherwise, the Set Report Title, Header, and Footer page opens.