Select Fields for the Report in the Report Wizard

The Select Fields for Report page of the Report Wizard enables you to select display Fields for the Report. The Fields list shows the Business Object selected for the Report, as well as all of its related Business Objects.

Fields from Business Objects related to the main Business Object (example: Journal Fields related to Incident) are added to a Detail Report band.

To select Fields to display in your Report:

  1. Locate the Field you want to display in the Report in the Fields list.
  2. Double-click the Field or use the Move Right arrow to add it to the Selected Fields list.

    You must select at least one Field, but to prevent columns from overlapping, do not select more than seven fields.

  3. Click the Up/Down arrows to change the order in which the Fields are displayed.
  4. Click Next to open the Create Calculated Fields for Reports page.