Use Rich Text in Knowledge Articles

You can create or import Knowledge Articles with embedded screenshots, numbered lists, and other Rich Text formatting.

To accommodate Rich Text and save space, consider combining some Fields in the Knowledge Article Form design (example: Combine the Description and Solution/Workaround fields).

Like in other Business Object Fields, you can open Knowledge Article Rich Text Fields in the Rich Text Zoom window (select the Zoom button, press F8, or right-click>Zoom).

As part of the CSM Embedded Forms functionality, you can use radio buttons to toggle between a simple KA Form (with combined Fields) and a Detailed KA Form.

The Portal also supports Rich Text Knowledge Articles. You can view the article content and use the Toggle Toolbar button to open the Rich Text Editor.

When running a Report, if a plain text field does not show multi-lined text as expected, use the Report Designer to set the field label property Multiline to Yes. See: Adding Fields to a Report. If you change a plain text field to Rich Text, existing content in the plain text field is cleared. Consequently, you must update or recreate all affected reports to ensure that the Rich Text fields display correctly.