Change the Sort Order of a Saved Search

You can change sort order or results returned by a Saved Search in CSM.

To change the sort order of a Saved Search:

  1. In either CSM Desktop Client or CSM Browser Client, open the Search Manager (for more information, see Open the Search Manager).
  2. Right-click a Saved Search and in:
    • CSM Desktop Client, select Edit.
    • CSM Browser Client, select the Edit icon.
  3. Under the Sort results by drop-down list, select a new sort option.
  4. To save the new sort order, select OK.

The new sort order is used.

Saved Searches are also used in third-party reporting tools. For more information, see Using Search Data with Third-Party Reporting Tools.
To implement the updated sort order for a Saved Search and refresh the displayed results in a third-party reporting tool, you must use the refresh/run update command.