Using Search Data with Third-Party Reporting Tools

Use the Cherwell REST API to connect to third-party reporting tools to retrieve data from CSM.

Use the Data Connector to pull data from a Saved Search. CSM can connect to:

You can use these products to visualize the data in different ways (reports, dashboards, charts, or graphs).

Configuring Saved Search and Grid Options

You can make modifications to Saved Searches and Grids that affect how the results of a Saved Search are displayed in third-party reporting tools. For more information, see:

To implement the updated sort order for a Saved Search and refresh the displayed results in a third-party reporting tool, use the refresh/run update command.
If the Saved Search and Grid modifications are not displayed in the third-party reporting tool, wait a few seconds and try again.

For information on modifying Grids for a specific third-party reporting tool, see:

Configuring the Cherwell REST API

  1. In CSM Administrator, create a new API Client ID to automatically generate a Client Key. For more information, see Obtaining API Client IDs.

    The Client Key is used to generate an access token for the REST API. You can also use an existing Client ID.

    You must copy the Client Key to be used as the Client ID when launching a third-party tool.

  2. The base URL for the REST API is populated when you install CSM. If you need to edit it, use Cherwell Server Manager. For more information, see Set the Base URL for the Cherwell REST API.

    You cannot generate URLs for Saved Searches from the Search Manager until you complete this step.

  3. Distribute the Client Key and base URL to CSM users who use a third-party reporting tool.