Guidelines for Using Third-Party Reporting Tools

What follows is useful information, recommendations, and guidelines for using third-party reporting tools with the Cherwell REST API.

The time it takes for the Cherwell REST API to respond to the data requested from a third-party reporting tool depends on a number of factors, including the:

  • Complexity of the defined search parameters for the selected Saved Search.
  • Number of visible columns being returned for each result record.
  • Number of result records being returned.

Complex searches with many fields returned for many records may take some time to execute/return all results to the third-party reporting tool. In extreme cases, the search data retrieval may timeout if either the third-party reporting tool or the server are configured with timeouts that are shorter than the time required to execute the search.

Cherwell recommends that you configure search results to only show the minimum fields needed in the third-party reporting tool, especially when working with complex searches or any searches that are likely to return a large number of records.

  • Third-party reporting queries are executed against the CSM database. Running multiple complex queries simultaneously could cause performance issues and delay the response of CSM applications.
  • The Cherwell REST API endpoint used for third-party reporting Saved Searches has a rate limiting. This is to manage load on the server. If the same Client makes too many requests in a short period of time, you may encounter Error Code 429 (Too Many Requests). If this occurs, wait until your existing requests are complete before making additional data requests.