Query Clauses

When you create a Query, you must define one or more clauses. A clause combines User specified conditions that are used to narrow the scope of a Query. CSM provides the following clause types:

  • Comparison Clause: A Comparison Clause is a Query Clause that finds all records containing a field with a particular value.
  • Group Clause: A Group Clause is a Query Clause that groups together several Clauses. When you group Clauses you must decide if all Clauses must be true (AND logic), or if only one Clause must be true (OR logic), in order to retrieve the record.
  • Ownership Clause: An Ownership Clause is a Query Clause that finds records associated with a particular owner (person or Team).
  • Related Clause: A Related Clause is a Query Clause that finds Business Objects whose related Business Object satisfy some of the criteria.
  • Queue Clause: A Queue Clause is a clause that finds all records that exist or do not exist on Queues. It also finds records that are available, checked out, and suspended on Queues.