Saved Search Results

When you run a Saved Search, the results appear in the CSM Desktop Client Grid format or in card view format (if enabled for the Business Object) in the CSM Desktop Client Main Pane.

Notice that the results provide additional information regarding the record. While most Grids can be customized, the following list provides examples of information that can be included:

  • Type: Incident, Problem, Service, etc.
  • ID Number: Identification number associated with the record
  • Customer Name
  • Created Date Time: Date and time of creation
  • Status: New, Closed, etc.
  • Description: Brief explanation provided by the creator of the record
  • Resolve By: Resolution due date and time.

    To customize the items displayed in search results: 1) Open CSM Administrator 2) Create a Blueprint 3) Open the Business Object Editor 4) Navigate to the Search Results page. The "Link text" section defines the first line of the search results. The "Body text" section defines the list of fields that make up the remaining lines. The "Includes label" box should be checked if the field name is displayed along with the value.

Card view can also be enabled on the Search Results page for a Business Object to display search results in a web-like list or as medium or large cards.

To view a specific record in the Grid, click the link associated with any column of the search result you want to view.

To view a specific record in card view, select an item from the results list or the title link in a card.

The record opens in the CSM Desktop Client Main Pane.

For information on navigating Search Results, see Navigate Search Results.