Restrict Anonymous User Visibility for a Dashboard Widget

When a Dashboard has been enabled for Anonymous view, Anonymous Users can be restricted from viewing specific Widgets on that Dashboard using the ViewAnonymous() System Function.

If a Dashboard is configured to be visible to Anonymous Users, each Widget on the Dashboard is also enabled to be visible to Anonymous Users. Anonymous Users have view access only. If an Anonymous User selects an item to execute an action, they are prompted to login. After successful login, the action runs.

ViewAnonymous() System Function

To restrict a specific Widget from Anonymous view, you can set the ViewAnonymous() System Function to False for that Widget. If the value is set to False, the Widget is not visible to Anonymous Users.

The ViewAnonymous() System Function can be set as a Boolean Property wherever a System Function can be accessed (e.g., One-Step Action, Expression, etc.).

You can use the Dashboard Editor and Custom Expression Builder to restrict Anonymous visibility of a specific Widget.

Restrict Anonymous View of a Widget Using a Custom Expression

  1. Open a Dashboard in the Dashboard Editor
  2. Select a Widget.
  3. In the Control Visibility drop-down list Control Visibility Button, select Custom Expression. This opens the Custom Expression Builder.
  4. Type a Name for the Expression.
  5. In the first Value field, select System Functions > ViewAnonymous().
  6. In the Operator field, select Equals.
  7. In the second Value field, select False (not viewable by Anonymous Users).
  8. Select OK.