Portal Universal Theme Properties

Define a portal theme by associating portal element properties with backgrounds, borders, text colors and fonts.

This topic describes portal theme properties for a universal theme. If you are working with a classic theme, use this link to open the previous version of Portal Theme Properties.

The associations listed are predefined, any custom associations that you may have added are not listed. Properties that are not edited or applied retain their default state in your theme.

In the Theme Editor apply the following color associations, fonts and properties as required.

Portal Color Associations

Color associations are used to apply a color property to elements in your portal. They are added to, or moved between, color swatches in the Theme Editor Palette Colors section to apply them. See Working with Theme Editor Palette Colors.

  • Backgrounds: Add or drag the background associations to the required background color.
    • App Bar Background.
    • Footer.
    • Footer Baseline.
    • Footer Subtitle.
    • Footer Title.
    • Grid Header Background.
    • Grid Row Alt Background.
    • Grid Row Background.
    • Grid Row Hover Background.
    • Grid Row Selected Background.
    • Header.
    • Header Baseline.
    • List Background.
    • Menu Bar.
    • Menu Link Background.
    • Menu Link Hover Background.
    • Menu List Item Background.
    • Menu List Item Hover Background.
    • Portal Background.
    • Search Button.
    • Search Button Hover.
    • Toolbar Background.
  • Borders: Add or drag the border associations to the required border color.
    • Grid Border.
    • Grid Header Border.
    • List Border.
    • Toolbar Border.
  • Text: Add or drag the text associations to the required text color.
    • App Bar Hover Text.
    • App Bar Text.
    • App Bar Hover Text.
    • Content Description.
    • Content Header.
    • Footer Title.
    • Grid Header Text.
    • Grid Row Alt Text.
    • Grid Row Hover Text.
    • Grid Row Selected Text.
    • Grid Row Text.
    • Header Title.
    • List Header.
    • List Subtext.
    • List Text.
    • Menu Link Hover Text.
    • Menu Link Text.
    • Menu List Item Hover Text.
    • Menu List Item Text.
    • Search Text Selected.
    • Toolbar Text.
  • Miscellaneous: Add or drag the associations to the required text color.
    • Search Button Icon.
    • Search Button Icon Hover.

Portal Font Properties

The font controls listed are the defaults presented when you create a theme. The font typeface and attributes defined in each font control are applied to the text associations defined in the Theme Editor palette colors (example: Header Title, Footer Title, etc).

A font control typeface can be applied globally to your form's text associations by selecting Theme Font in the font control. The theme typeface is set in the Theme Font drop-down list.

To apply a different typeface to a font control, select it in the font control typeface drop-down list. See Working with Theme Editor Fonts.

  • Fonts:
    • App Bar.
    • Content Header.
    • Content Description.
    • Footer Baseline.
    • Footer Subtitle.
    • Footer Title.
    • Grid Row Header.
    • Grid Row
    • Header Baseline.
    • Header Subtitle.
    • Header Title.
    • List.
    • List Header.
    • List Header Subtext.
    • Menu Link.
    • Toolbar.