Using Themes

Users can work with themes in various ways using the Theme Manager, CSM Browser Client, CSM Desktop Client, or CSM Administrator.

When working with themes, users can:

  • View a theme.
  • Select a user dashboard or form theme.

View a Theme

Use the Theme Manager to view the available themes (based on security rights).

Select a Theme

  • On the CSM Administrator:
    • To select a user dashboard theme: Open the Dashboard Manager, and then select a dashboard to open in the Dashboard Editor from where you can select a theme. See Select a User Dashboard Theme.
    • To select a form theme: Open or create a Blueprint, and then select a form to edit in the Form Editor from where you can select a theme. See Select a Form Theme.
  • On the CSM Browser Client dashboard toolbar, select the Themes button 01_Theme_Icon.
  • On a CSM Desktop Client dashboard, right-click and select User Themes.

    The context menu is not available if the Dashboard property Allow User's chosen theme to override Dashboard theme check box is cleared.

    • The default dashboard theme is listed at the top.
    • The currently selected theme is selected.