Format a Token

You can reformat some tokens using modifiers and formats that change the visual format or calculated value of the token in a One-Step™ Action or expression.

For example, a Date/Time field in a One-Step Action can be modified to display only the date without the time stamp for ease of use.

  • A modifier is a token element that changes the visual format or calculated value of a token in a One-Step Action or expression.
  • A format is a token formula that controls how characters and digits are displayed in a text field (example: When and where to include hyphens, parentheses, spaces, capitalization, etc.).

    To apply a modifier to a token in a One-Step Action or expression:

  1. Right-click a token in a One-Step Action or expression.
  2. From the context menu, select Modifiers.
  3. Select a Modifier from the list to edit an existing modifier. To create a new modifier, select Create New.
  4. Select OK.
  5. To apply a format to a token:

  6. Open the Properties window for the field to add a format:
    1. In CSM Administrator, create a Blueprint.
    2. In the Object Manager, double-click the Business Object that contains the field.
    3. Double-click the Field.

      The Field Properties window opens.

  7. Select the General tab.
  8. Select the Format check box.
  9. Select the format to apply:
    • Select the ellipsis to open the Stored Format Manager, where you can select an existing format (stored format) or create a stored format. Stored formats can be used over and over in numerous places.
    • Select Custom Format to open the Custom Format window, where you can create a custom format to use only for this scenario. A custom format has many of the same properties as a stored format, only it does not have a name or description, and is not managed through the Stored Format Manager.
  10. Select OK.