Browser Widgets

A Browser Widget displays an HTML Page or website.

Use a Browser Widget to display or perform a variety of options, including displaying a website or an HTML page and/or sending a POST request to a URL. See Browser Widget Properties and Create a Browser Widget.

Examples for using Browser Widgets include:

  • Display your company website.
  • Display a specific website accessed often (troubleshooting, forum, etc.).
  • Display a custom CSM-built HTML Page for an IT or HR department.
  • A website utilizing tokens.
  • Send a POST request to a URL. Store and use the data from a POST response.

The following figure shows an example Browser Widget.

Browser Widget

Good to know:

  • A Browser Widget is highly configurable; define the website or HTML Page to display, and the refresh rate.
  • Refresh executes only when a Widget is active and being displayed. If you leave a dashboard and come back to it, the data will be automatically refreshed and the refresh timer will start over.

  • A Dashboard's Refresh properties determine whether or not to 1) use the Dashboard's scheduled refresh instead, and/or 2) allow its Widgets to refresh themselves in addition to the Dashboard's scheduled refresh. For more information, refer to Dashboard Refresh in the Dashboards documentation.