Create an Action Catalog Widget

Action Catalog Widgets are used in the CSM Portal to display a self-building and dynamic list (catalog) of executable Actions. For example, you can create Action Catalog Widget to build a dynamic Service Catalog that is organized by Category and Service.

Use the Action Catalog Widget Properties window (accessed from within the Widget Manager) to create an Action Catalog Widget.

To create an Action Catalog Widget:

  1. Create a Widget.
  2. In the Type drop-down list, select Action Catalog.
  3. Define the following properties:
    • General: Title, image, and description.
    • Actions: Which Actions to list in the catalog (example: All Services).
    • Display: How and when the catalog Actions displays (example: Style, text, images, expression to enable/disable Actions).
    • (Optional) Groups: How the catalog Actions will be hierarchically grouped, and how the groups will look and behave (example: By category and subcategory).
  4. Select Save.