Define Display Properties for an Action Catalog Widget

Use the Display page accessed from within the Action Catalog Widget Properties window to define the display properties for an Action Catalog widget, including a Service Catalog widget.

To define display properties for an Action Catalog widget:

  1. Create a widget, and then:
    • In the Type drop-down list, select Action Catalog.
    • Select the Display page.
  2. From the Style drop-down list, select a style for the Action Catalog.
    Styles are based on Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and can vary the functionality of the Action Catalog. For example, the metro style can display only three levels in a hierarchy.
  3. Select a Theme for the Action Catalog.
    Themes vary by color (example: A/C forest, A/C orange, earth tones).
  4. In the Fields Holding Display Text area, select the mandatory text to display in the Action hyperlink:
    • Title text: Select the field to provide the text that displays in the hyperlink (example: Subcategory).
    • Descriptive text: Select the field to provide a description of the Action. The descriptive text displays directly under the hyperlink.
  5. If you select the Cards with Search or Cards with Search v2 style, you can optionally select the Always show items as cards check box. You can then select text for the Subtitle, Rating, and Footer fields. These three fields are text fields and Rating has no search ranking calculations associated with it. The following figure shows an example of all 5 text fields in use:

    1. Title text

    2. Subtitle

    3. Rating

    4. Description

    5. Footer

    Fields Holding Display Text

    If you preview a Cards with Search style, you see a static example of the layout, rather than a true preview of your live data.

  6. Optionally, select the Show image next to each command check box to display an image next to each Action hyperlink, and then select one of these options:
    • Field with image: Select this option to display an image from a field, and then select the field that contains the image from the list.
    • Expression: Select this option to use a stored or custom expression to conditionally provide the image (example: If Subcategory equals Submit Incident, display a green check mark). See About Expressions and Create an Expression.

    The figure below shows two Cards. The first one has Show image next to each command selected and the second one has Show image next to each command cleared.

    Examples of Show Image Next to Each Command Selected and Cleared

  7. Optionally, select the Use an expression to enable/disable actions check box, and then select a stored or custom expression. For example, you can disable Actions for users in a specific security role.
  8. Select OK.