Create an RSS Feed Widget

Use the RSS Feed Widget Properties window (accessed from within the Widget Manager) to create an RSS Feed Widget.

To create an RSS Feed Widget:

  1. Create a Widget.
  2. Define the feed to show on the RSS Feed Widget:
    1. RSS Feed URI: Provide the URI for the RSS feed.

      In most browsers, you can right-click the RSS feed icon RSS Feed Widget Icon and select Copy Link Location or Copy Link to copy the URL onto your clipboard. You can then paste it into the RSS Feed URI text box in the RSS Feed Widget Properties window. A number of technical tools also expose RSS feeds in various ways (including CSM).

  3. Specify the maximum number of entries to show:
    1. Max Items to Show: Provide a number. Most sites already limit the number of entries exposed from a feed, but you can enforce a stricter limit.
  4. Specify whether or not to show images in the feed:
    1. Display Image from Description if present: Select this check box to show the first found image included with each entry. If this box is cleared, images are suppressed (to save space or to make the entries display more quickly).
  5. Specify a custom link color to use in the Widget:
    1. Custom link color: Select this check box to use an alternate color for Twitter links (by default, links in the title and the body of each Tweet use the system-defined color for links. However, depending on the rest of your color selections, these links might be hard to read). Select the Color Selector button Color Picker Button to open the Color Selector, and then select a color:
      • Web:

        Set of named web-safe colors.

      • Custom:

        Customized red, green, blue (RGB) colors.

  6. Define how often to refresh the Widget:
    1. Refresh every:

      Select this check box to refresh the content according to a defined time period, and then provide the refresh timeframe (every x hours or minutes).

  7. Select one or more One-Step Actions to initiate from the Widget (Create actions area):
    1. Select Add to launch the One-Step Action Manager, and then select one or more existing One-Steps, or create a new One-Step Action.
    2. Select Save.

      Select Remove to remove a selected One-Step Action from the list. Use the Up/Down arrows to reorder the One-Step Actions in the list.

  8. Select Save.