Define Columns for a Matrix Widget

Use the Columns page (in the Matrix Widget Properties window) to define how the columns look and behave on a Matrix Widget. You can define the following types of columns:

  • Numeric column: Query-based column that determines the number of records available for each row that fit the specified query.
  • Calculated column: Lets you do math against other columns (example: Add up two other column’s values).
  • Image column: Displays an appropriate image based on an Expression (example: If Incidents Closed > 10, show a smiley face).
  • Text column: Displays text based on an Expression (example: If Open Incidents > 0, show Out of Compliance).
  • Value bar column: Shows a bar whose width represents a value (example: Show a bar comparing the number of changes approved each month).
  • Ratings column: Shows a number of images based on a value (example: Show a star for each Incident closed by a technician).

    The Matrix Widget Properties window is accessed from within the Widget Manager when you create or edit a Matrix Widget.