Define How Values are Combined for a Doughnut/Pie Chart Widget

Use the Combine Values page (accessed from within the Chart Series window) to define when and how to combine negligible values (values so small that they can be ignored) in a Doughnut/Pie Chart Widget. This is useful to remove noise values from a chart that just confuse the real data. Properties include:

  • Combine Negligible Numbers: Enables combining negligible values.
  • Values: Values to combine (example: Less or Equal to 1).
  • What to do with combined values: Hide (disregard) the values or combine them into a category in the chart (example: Other).

    The Chart Series window is accessed from within the Widget Manager when you create or edit a Chart Widget, and then add a Series.

To define how values are combined for a Doughnut/Pie Chart Widget:

  1. Create a Chart Widget
  2. In the Chart Series window, click the Combine Values page.
  3. Define the rules for combining negligible values:
    1. Combine negligible values: Select this check box to combine negligible values.
    2. Values: Select the threshold (value and quantity) for combining the values (example: Less than a defined quantity).
    3. Specify what to do with the negligible values:
      • Hide these values.
      • Combine into category: Select this check box to combine the negligible values into a defined category (example: Other), and then provide a label for the category.
  4. Select OK.