Search Widgets

A Search Widget displays a Search Control that can be used to run the following types of searches:

  • Quick Search: A Quick Search is a simple query that quickly finds all records containing a specific word or phrase (example: Show all records whose description contains the word "phone"). Search options, such as record type, status, etc., are typically predefined to simplify the search, and vary depending on the purpose and location of the search. Quick Search is a Full-Text Search, so it searches all fields that have Full-Text search enabled (even those that are not specified) and finds similar words, as well.
  • Specific Search: Quick Search that quickly finds all records of a specific type that contain a specific word or phrase (example: Show all Incident records that contain the word printer). Options are predefined for each record type to simplify the search but can be changed when searching.

    A Search Widget can be used on a Dashboard or on a menu bar.

The following figure shows an example Search Widget that might appear on a Dashboard, on the CSM Desktop Client menu bar, or in the Portal.

Search Control

Good to know:

  • A Search Widget is highly configurable; define which type of Search can be run from the Widget (example: Quick Search, Specific Search, or both), a default Search, and Search behaviors (example: Business Object to search, watermark, and/or logic, sort, and filters).
  • The OOTB Search Widget is the CSM Search Control, located in the upper right corner of the CSM Main window.
  • A Search Widget does not support a background; therefore, no color or style can be applied when the Widget is added to a Dashboard.