Automation Process Workflow

Automation Processes are processed and run by the Automation Process Service, which is a microservice of the Cherwell Service Host. Once Automation Process events are logged, they are collected in blocks of 100, and then sent to the Cherwell Message Queue Service (CherwellMQS). Additional workers are added if needed, the events are scheduled, and then they are run.

  1. Events are triggered and added to the database with a status of "logged."
  2. The Automation Process leader continually searches for events with a status of "logged." When events are found, their status is changed to "in process." Events are collected in blocks of 100.
  3. Events are published to the queue in blocks of up to 100.
  4. The Automation Process Event Block Worker picks up the block message from the queue and evaluates each event to determine if it is valid and should run. For each valid event, a scheduled event record is created with a status of "logged." All processed events are deleted.
  5. The Automation Process Leader continually searches for scheduled events with a status of "logged." When scheduled events are found, their status is changed to "in process" and they are published to the queue.

    Scheduled events are handled individually and not in blocks.

  6. The Automation Process worker picks up messages from the queue and the Automation Process is run. The scheduled event is then deleted.