Monitor Automation Process Statistics

Use CSM Administrator to monitor Automation Process statistics such as completed runs (including successes and failures), in-progress runs, and scheduled activities. You can monitor these statistics for individual Automation Processes.

To view Automation Process statistics:

  1. CSM Administrator, select Automation Processes > Individual Automation Process Status.
    The Automation Process Status window displays the list of Automation Processes with several columns. For the list of columns, see Automation Process Editor.
  2. Select an Automation Process, and then select Process > Statistics from the toolbar. You can also right-click the Automation Process and select Statistics.
    The Automation Process Statistics window displays.
  3. Select OK.
  4. To refresh statistics while viewing the Automation Process Statistics window, select Refresh.

To clear Automation Processes:

  1. From the Automation Process Statistics window, select Clear Process.
  2. Select these options to delete the items:
    • Clear scheduled activities: Clears activities that are currently scheduled for the Automation Process.
    • Clear in-progress items: Clears activities that are in progress.
    • Clear completed item history: Clears statistics for all completed runs for the Automation Process. Use this option only if you do not need the history of completed runs for an Automation Process.
  3. Select OK.