Pause/Resume Automation Process Processing

Use the Pause/Resume Processing task to temporarily pause and then resume Automation Process Service processing. This does not stop the Automation Process Service; rather, it suspends the microservice so that, when resumed, the microservice can pick up where it left off.

For example, pause processing to suspend sending out automatic emails; resume processing to continue sending out automatic emails. The ability to pause or resume Automation Processing is controlled by Automation Process Service security rights.

When you pause or resume processing, it could take up to five minutes for the pause or resume operation to take effect. To immediately pause or resume processing, use the Server Manager to disable the Automation Process microservice.

To pause or resume Automation Process Service processing:

  1. CSM Administrator main window, select the Automation Processes category, and then select the Pause/Resume Processing task.
  2. Select to pause or resume:
    1. Pause Automation Process Microservice: Select the check box to pause processing. You must provide a reason for pausing processing.
    2. Resume Automation Process Microservice Processing: Select the check box to resume processing.
  3. Select OK.