Define Global Database Options

Use the Database Options page in the CSM Administrator Blueprint Options window (accessed from within the Blueprint Editor) to define global general database options.

Options include:

  • Database timeout values: How long the database attempts to complete an operation before giving up.
  • Foreign Keys: Whether or not to enable/enforce Foreign Keys. Foreign Keys establish and enforce a link between tables in a relational database, and are required by SQL Reporting Services.

To define global database options:

  1. Open the Blueprint Editor
  2. From the Blueprint Editor menu bar, click Tools>Options.
  3. Click the Database Options page.
  4. Define Timeout values for the database:
    1. Database command timeout: Specify the number of seconds to attempt a database command before giving up.
    2. Schema command timeout: Specify the number of seconds to use before timing out on SQL Server DDL (Data Definition Language) commands (used to create and modify database tables in the underlying database).

      Select a No Limit check box to indefinitely attempt to complete the operations.
      Leaving no set limit, however, may have an impact on system performance (for more information, see Worst Queries by CPU). Instead, we recommend increasing the set limit. You must publish the Blueprint for changes to take effect.

  5. Enable and define Foreign Key settings:

    You must enable foreign keys in order to use SQL Reporting Services.

    1. Create Foreign Keys for Relationships: Select this check box to enable/create foreign keys.
    2. Not Enforced/Enforced: Select whether or not to enforce foreign keys.
  6. Select OK.