Worst Queries by CPU

Run the Health Check Tool and select Generate Usage Statistics. Worst Queries by CPU retrieves the most expensive queries as determined by total CPU usage. This statistic is similar to Worst Queries by Average Reads but is based on total CPU time for a query, rather than the number of reads executed.

System performance of the Worst Queries by CPU usage check may be affected by global database options. For more information, see Define Global Database Options.
Specifically, the Database Timeout Values may have no set limits. Selecting a No limit check box can result in performance issues and is not recommended. Instead, we recommend increasing the set limit.

To see information about the worst queries:

  1. Select the Generate Usage Statistics check box when you Run the Health Check Tool.
    You see the Worst Queries by CPU in the report.

  2. Focus on the queries with the highest TotalCPUTime and the highest execution_count.

    You may have expensive queries that reference system tables, such as TrebuchetCounters. It is not possible to add indexes to system tables so these can be ignored.