Import External Data into an Existing Business Object

Use the External Data Import Wizard to import data from an external database into an external Business Object. External data can only be imported into External Business Objects, which is a Business Object that has already been mapped to an external connection..

To import external data into an existing external Business Object:

  1. In the CSM Administrator window, click the Database category.
  2. Click the Import External Data task. The External Data Import Wizard opens.
  3. Select Next.

    The Select Business Object page opens. Only Business Objects that have already been mapped to an external connection appear.

  4. Select a Business Object.
  5. Select Next.

    The Existing Records page opens.

  6. Select whether to delete or update existing records within CSM:
    • Delete All Existing Data: Select this radio button to delete all the records from the Table/View before importing new data.

      If records were linked to CSM records and then deleted in the External Database, those links will no longer work. Deleting records from CSM before re-importing them might break some, or all, of the existing Relationships to that record.

    • Update Existing Records: Select this radio button to import new data and refreshes any existing records with changed data. Existing records are updated based on the chosen Unique Key field.
  7. (Optional) Select the Only import records changed since check box to shorten the import time based on a selected date. Click the Date Selector button to select a date.
  8. Select Next.

    The Choose Filter page opens.

  9. Select data to import:
    • All records: Select this radio button to import all external data.
    • Use filter: Select this radio button to filter the imported data based on a defined query. When the User Filter radio button is selected, the Saved Search option enables. Click the Ellipses button to open the Search Manager, and then select an existing Saved Search (saved Search Query) or create a Saved Search. Saved Searches can be used over and over in numerous places.

      Typically, data in a View is already filtered.

  10. Select Finish.

    The data is imported and then shows in the CMDB (CSM>Tools>CMDB). If the CSM Scheduler is used, the import starts at the scheduled time.