About Globalization and Lookup Tables

When you enable localization support for a Lookup Table, you can determine which Text Fields within that object can show translated values to Users as they select, search for, and validate Field values based on their current culture or from other enabled languages in your system.

A separate copy of each Field is added to the Lookup Table for each enabled culture in the system.

Consider storing foreign keys for Fields in your Lookup Table. This ensures that Users are presented with the translated values in the correct language and lets you backfill translated values in existing records. For more information, see Storing Foreign Keys for Validated and Auto-populated Fields.

Fields in Lookup Tables with localization enabled are referred to as:

  • Current Culture Fields

    A current culture Field is used when localization is enabled for a specific Field. For example, if you enable localization for the Priority and Urgency Fields for the Change Priority Lookup Object, these are considered the current culture Fields. The value of the current culture Field is based on the User's currently selected culture.

    Current Culture Fields

  • Specific Culture Fields

    A specific culture Field refers to the Field added to a Lookup Object for each culture enabled for your system. For example, if you enable localization for the Priority and Urgency Fields, a copy of each field is added for each culture you have enabled in your system. Users can use specific culture Fields to validate values from languages other than their current culture.

Specific culture Fields are identified by their language and locale pair.

Specific culture Fields

You can also view information about the current culture and specific culture Fields on the Advanced page in the Field Properties window. See Define Advanced Properties for a Field.