Configure CSM for Multi-Byte Language Support

CSM is configured to support single-byte languages by default. You can, however, use the System Restore tool to enable multi-byte languages, such as Chinese and Japanese, for your CSM database.

Right-to-left languages, such as Arabic, are not supported at this time.

To enable multi-byte support for your CSM database:

  1. Use the Export Data tool to export your existing database to a .czar file, selecting these options:
    • Export Entire System
    • Export All Data
    • Exclude Attachments
    • Exclude Automation Data
    • Exclude Encrypted Fields
  2. Use the System Restore Tool to reload the exported .czar file, selecting the Use Unicode Data Types check box as part of the restore process.
  3. In the main window, select the Globalization category, and then select Globalization Settings.
  4. Select the Show Multi-byte Languages check box.

    If the check box is disabled, you must first enable support for multi-byte languages in your database.

After you enable multi-byte language support for your system, cultures that use multi-byte languages can be enabled on the Manage Cultures page.