Globalization Good to Know

Excluded Strings

Most text strings can be translated. The following list contains examples of strings that are excluded from Language Packs or that should not be translated:

  • Team and Workgroup names
  • File paths
  • Email addresses
  • Date formats
  • True/false values, unless they appear in a sentence string
  • The word "System," unless it appears in a sentence string
  • [Font] strings
  • Strings that start with "BO:" and "DefType:"

You can create custom lists of locked strings to prevent them from being translated. See Managing Locked Strings.

mApps Compatibility

Due to changes made to support Globalization, the following guidelines apply to mApp Solutions:

  • mApp Solutions created using CSM 9.2.0 or later cannot be applied to an earlier version of CSM
  • When you apply a mApp Solution to that was created on a version earlier than CSM 9.2.0, you are prompted to and must select a target culture for the mApp Solution.

Globalization and Cherwell Mobile

Globalization support is currently not available for Cherwelll Mobile for iOS or Cherwell Mobile for Android.

Date, Time, Number, and Currency Formats

Date, time, number, and currency formats are determined by the user's operating system's region setting for all CSM Windows-based clients and for the Microsoft Edge browser. For other web browsers, date, time, number, and currency formats are determined by the browser's language settings; the top language set for a browser is used for these formats.

Disabling Localization on Localized Fields

You may see unexpected values for fields that have been localized if you disable localization support for the fields. (This task is performed on the Localization page of the Business Object Properties dialog. See Define Localization Properties for a Business Object) If this occurs, you can manually edit values in the Data Editor to reflect values for your installed culture.