Configure Security for Cultures

You can control the cultures that are available to Users by enabling culture settings globally, for Roles, or for individual Users.

Specifically, you can give Users access to:

  • All Cultures

    Enables Users to choose any enabled culture as they work with CSM.

  • Preferred Culture

    Presents the preferred fall-back culture listed at the top of the listed on the Manage Cultures page.

  • Specific Culture

    Presents a single, specific culture to Users. For example, if your system is translated into Italian, you can specify that only Italian is used globally (for all Users), for Users assigned to specific Roles, or to individual Users. This also removes the culture selector from all clients, except the CSM Portal.

Culture Hierarchy

The following hierarchy determines which culture is presented to Users:

  • User settings override Role settings
  • Role settings override Global settings
  • Global settings override Preferred culture