Translating Content Strings On the Fly

When globalization and multiple cultures are enabled for your system, you can translate content strings on the fly as you work with elements. This is useful for maintaining a translated system or for adjusting translations after you apply a Language Pack.

You can translate text strings for Business Object elements, such as Fields and Grids, as you work with Blueprints and mApps in CSM Administrator.

You can also apply Language Packs directly to Form controls. See Applying Language Pack Bundles to Definitions or Form Controls.

Strings for certain elements, such as Stored Queries and Expressions, can be also be translated in the Desktop Client.

To translate content as you work with elements:

  1. Use the culture selector to switch to a different culture.
  2. Edit elements and translate or modify text strings as needed.
  3. Save your changes.
  4. Switch to additional cultures and translate the element as needed.

    If you have applied translated Language Packs to your system, you may see translated text strings for some elements. You can keep the translations or modify them as needed. If you delete translations, Users will see text for the preferred culture, which serves as a fall-back culture.

Remember to update strings from definitions if you edit a Language Pack that was created before you made on-the-fly changes.