Problem: Multiple Legal Value Messages Appear in the Log File

Troubleshoot issues that cause "multiple legal values" messages to appear in log files.

You may see messages in the System Analyzer or the Application Server log that state:

Multiple legal values were detected for the field [field name].

The error indicates that duplicate values exist for a Lookup Table Field, so Users may see unexpected results in Searches, etc.

If this problem occurs, try the following solutions.

Solution: Remove Duplicate Values for a Lookup Table Field

Use the Data Editor to remove duplicate values from the Lookup Table Field specified in the log message. Repeat this task for all languages.

Solution: Change Field Properties

  1. In CSM Administrator, create a Blueprint.
  2. Edit the Lookup Table that contains the Field referenced in the log file.
  3. Select the Field referenced in the log file, and then click Edit.
  4. Select the Validation/Auto-populate page of the Field Properties dialog.
  5. In the Validation area, select the On Conflict Use First Match check box.