Guidelines for Translating .tsv Files

Strings files are exported in tab-delimited (.tsv) format. You must follow specific guidelines for modifying these files to successfully import translations into CSM.

  • Each string is exported in this format:

    (untranslated text) tab (translated text) tab EOL

    Add translations to the "(translated text)" portion of each string only. Do not modify other portions of the string.

  • If you do not use a translation tool to translate the strings file, use Microsoft Excel to help you adhere to the tab-delimited format.
  • The .tsv file must be encoded as UTF-8. For steps on viewing and setting the encoding, refer to your editor's documentation.
  • Do not modify the first line of the exported file.
  • Tokens are exported in this format:

    $$(TOKEN NAME)$$

    Do not modify text between dollar signs.

  • Rich Text strings are included in the exported file but should always be translated in the Language Pack Editor.