Web Applications Installation Options

Explore the available options for Auto-Deploy and folder selection when you install the Web Applications.

Folder Selection Options

The default folder location for the browser installation files is C:\Program Files\Cherwell Browser Applications. Select Change to browse to another location.

CSM does not install to C:\Inetpub because IIS sometimes removes files in this directory in certain scenarios.

Auto-Deploy Options

When you run the Web Applications installation, you need to specify auto-deploy options. The following table describes each auto-deploy option:

Option Description Notes
Update Auto-Deploy

Update the Auto-Deploy feature. Updating Auto-Deploy wraps the latest version of the installer so that users can then install CSM by clicking a link on a web page, or automatically after being prompted to upgrade when running an older version of CSM.

If this is the first time setting up Auto-Deploy, there will be a prompt to configure Auto-Deploy after selecting Install (later in the installation).
Don’t Update Auto-Deploy

Does not update the Auto-Deploy configuration.

If not updated now, Auto-Deploy can be configured/updated later by selecting either of these options depending on the server:
  • Windows Start>Cherwell Browser Applications>Auto-Deploy Config
  • Windows Start>Programs>Cherwell Service Management>Tools>Configure Auto-Deploy