Configuring mApp Solutions

Complete the following procedures to configure mApp Solutions. Configuration procedures are completed in CSM Administrator.

To configure mApp Solutions:

  1. Configure mApp Solution security rights: Configure who can access mApp Solution functionality and data.
  2. Configure merge actions for system definitions: Configure how definitions are merged into a target system by selecting merge actions from the various properties windows (example: Business Object Properties window, Relationship Properties window, etc.). The properties windows have more detailed mApp Solution options available outside of the Add Business Object to mApp Wizard.
  3. View referenced definitions in a mApp Solution: From the various properties windows, view all of the system definitions throughout CSM being used by a selected mApp Solution definition (Business Object, Relationship, Form, Grid, Form Arrangement, and/or CSM Item). Add definitions from the References window to ensure that all necessary definitions are included in a mApp Solution.
  4. Configure mApp Solution conditions: Configure conditions that control when definitions are imported into a target system when a mApp Solution is applied.
  5. Prepare mApp Solution for distribution: Creates a mApp Solution file that can be distributed or uploaded to the Go to the Ivanti Marketplace (formerly the mApp Exchange).