Set a Designer ID

Use the Set Designer ID task on the mApp Solutions page in CSM Administrator to save a unique Designer ID to your current user information. Setting a Designer ID uniquely identifies the definitions you add to a mApp Solution and tracks them in history records.

Good to know:

  • Setting a Designer ID is optional. If you do not have a Designer ID, no history records are created for definitions you add to a mApp® Solution.
  • Each definition can have a maximum of 20 history records. When new history records exceed this limit, the oldest records are deleted.
  • Each history record contains the Designer ID, date/time the definition was saved, and the mApp Solution name.
  • If a mApp Solution creator modifies or adds a definition that has a most recent history record with the same Designer ID, only the date/time is updated (a new record is not added).

    New Designer IDs cannot be created at this time.

To set a Designer ID in CSM Administrator:

  1. In the CSM Administrator main window, select the mApps category, and then select the Set Designer ID task.

    [variable here]Designer ID

  2. Enter your Designer ID.
  3. Select OK.