Network Health Check Results

Run the Health Check Tool and select the Network Health Check Results rule. This rule performs a built in speed test so a technician can check for network issues between their client and the server.

Good to Know

  • If you run this tool from CSM Administrator, the report displays the results from the last 30 days of all users running the Network Health Check. This allows administrators to view results from everyone and compare network performance from different locations.
  • Users must have the Allow diagnostics right to run the test.
  • Users with the correct permissions to run the test will see the Network Health Check option under the Tools menu in the CSM Desktop Client and CSM Browser Client.

    Users must be logged in with a 3-tier connection or the menu options are not displayed.

To see information about the Network Health Check:

  • Select the Network Health Check Results check box when you run the Health Check Tool.

    This displays the report with a time for each test file size, a minimum time, a maximum time, the average amount of time, and standard deviation.