C# Example: Perform an Ad-hoc Search with Filter

The following example shows how to perform an ad-hoc search for Incidents using a filter.

Run Swagger Code Generation before attempting to modify the code so that you do not receive reference errors.

using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using IO.Swagger.Api;
using IO.Swagger.Model;

namespace Trebuchet.WebApi.IntegrationTests.ExamplesForCustomers.Searches
    public class AdHocSearchWithFilter
        public void SearchResultsWithFilter()
                                                //Get an access token using CSM credentials
            var serviceApi = new ServiceApi("http://your server/CherwellApi/");
            var tokenResponse = serviceApi.ServiceToken("password","your client id", null, "CSDAdmin", "CSDAdmin", null,"Internal");

            //Create a new Business Object api object and add the default header
            var businessObjectApi = new BusinessObjectApi("http://your server/CherwellApi/");
            businessObjectApi.Configuration.AddDefaultHeader("Authorization","Bearer " + tokenResponse.AccessToken);

            //Create a new Searches api object and add the default header
            var searchesApi = new SearchesApi("http://your server/CherwellApi/");
            searchesApi.Configuration.AddDefaultHeader("Authorization","Bearer " + tokenResponse.AccessToken);

            //Get the Business Object summary by name.  This returns the Business Object ID            
            var businessObjectSummaryByName = businessObjectApi.BusinessObjectGetBusinessObjectSummaryByNameV1("Incident");

            //Get the Incident Business Object template
            var templateRequest = new ApiTrebuchetWebApiDataContractsBusinessObjectTemplateRequest
                BusObId = businessObjectSummaryByName[0].BusObId
            var templateRespsonse = businessObjectApi.BusinessObjectGetBusinessObjectTemplateV1(templateRequest);

            //Create Search results request
            var searchResults = new ApiTrebuchetWebApiDataContractsSearchesSearchResultsRequest();
            searchResults.BusObId = businessObjectSummaryByName[0].BusObId;

            //Create a filter on the Incident ID field
            searchResults.Filters = new List<ApiTrebuchetWebApiDataContractsSearchesFilterInfo>();

            var filter = new ApiTrebuchetWebApiDataContractsSearchesFilterInfo();
            filter.FieldId = templateRespsonse.Fields.First(f => f.Name == "ShortDescription").FieldId;
            filter.Operator = "eq";
            filter.Value = "Down System";

            //Query for data
            var response = searchesApi.SearchesGetSearchResultsAdHocV1(searchResults);