Using One-Step Action Operations

One-Step™ Action operations return a list of available One-Step Actions and support executing One-Step Actions through the API.

Usage: Identifying One-Step Actions

The GET /api/V1/getonestepactions operations provide lists of One-Step Actions. These lists can be filtered by the following classifications:

  • Association
  • Scope
  • Scope Owner
  • Folder

The lists generated from these calls include the standInKey that is a required parameter used to run One-Step Actions from the API.

Usage: Run a One-Step Action

The GET /api/V1/runonestepaction and POST /api/V1/runonestepaction operations allow you to run different types of One-Step Actions. There are three methods for running a One-Step Action from the REST API:

  • Run a One-Step Action by Business Object record

  • Run a stand-alone One-Step Action

  • Run a One-Step Action that includes Prompts

To run a One-Step Action by Business Object record, the following parameters must be provided:

  • standinkey
  • busobid
  • busobrecid

A stand-alone One-Step Action requires only the standInKey parameter. This parameter is included in the list returned by the GET /api/V1/getonestepactions operations. This type of method cannot be used if the One-Step Action includes prompts. Configure the One-Step Action so that there are no prompts to run it from this method.

To run a One-Step Action from the API that includes prompts, you must provide a request parameter that includes the prompt values. The request must be formatted according to the following request model.

This request must include all Prompt values. If any Prompt values are missing, the response includes an error message that lists the missing values.

  "acquireLicense": true,
  "busObId": "string",
  "busObRecId": "string",
  "oneStepActionStandInKey": "string",
  "promptValues": [
      "promptDefId": "string",
      "promptName": "string",
      "value": "string"

The Prompt Def ID parameter is available by selecting the Prompt ID button on the Define Prompt dialog box in the One-Step Editor. Likewise, the Prompt Values parameter is available in properly formatted JSON by selecting the Prompt Info button on the first node of the One-Step Action in the One-Step Editor. See About Prompts for more information.