Configure the Default Domain, Anonymous Login, and Lookup Table Security Settings

Use the General page in the Security Settings window (in CSM Administrator) to configure the following general system security settings for all clients:

  • Default domain
  • Anonymous login settings
  • Lookup Table security

Configure the default domain and anonymous login settings:

  1. Open CSM Administrator and select Security > Edit security settings.
  2. Select General.
  3. Provide the default domain name for your network. This is used any place where a domain is needed but not otherwise provided, such as automatically assigning credentials to Customers.

    Select Arrow (Arrow Left Green) to have CSM auto-populate the name.

  4. Configure anonymous login settings:
    1. Allow Anonymous Login: Select this check box to allow CSM Web Applications to read basic setup information from the system without User login and to enable the Anonymous Security Group access to items specifically configured for Anonymous view.
    2. Security group when not logged in: Select the Anonymous Security Group (OOTB: Anonymous Browser) that should be used by CSM Web Applications before any User/Customer has logged in.
  5. Select the Enforce Lookup Table Security for Validated Fields check box to require that security rights be set for validation Fields in Lookup Objects before Users and Customers can access values in those Fields. For example, if you enforce security for Lookup Tables, Users cannot see values for validated Fields on Forms and in the Query Builder unless you grant them rights to these Fields in the Lookup Tables.

    If you select this check box, be sure to review and modify Lookup Object security rights for all security groups in your system. For more information, see Define Business Object Rights (Access to Data).

  6. Select OK.