Map LDAP Groups to CSM Security Groups

When users log in to CSM, the assigned security rights are based on the CSM Security Group. For LDAP users, security rights are assigned only in an Active Directory Group. Active Directory Groups must be mapped to CSM Security Groups.

Use the Security Groups window to define:

  • The Security Groups for LDAP Groups
  • The order of Security Groups

To map LDAP Groups to CSM Security Groups:

  1. In the CSM Administrator main window, select Security > Edit security groups.
  2. Select the Users tab on the Security Groups window (the directory service must be configured in the database).
  3. Select Order groups. If no groups are shown in the Groups section, select Add to open the Associate LDAP Groups window.
  4. To show available groups. provide a group or set of characters in the text field, and select Search.
  5. Select the groups that should be associated with this CSM Security Group and select OK.

The window closes and the group appears in the Associated LDAP Groups section of the Security Groups window.

If the LDAP Groups are not visible, go to the Map LDAP Object window and select the Groups page to verify the Search Start settings.