View User Accounts

With the User Accounts List, system administrators can view the current account status of the Users in the CSM database, including:

  • User names.
  • Account creation dates.
  • Locked status of the account.
  • If the User can change their password.
  • If the User's password is set to expire.
  • The date of a User's last password reset.
  • The date of a User's next password reset.

To access the User Accounts List:

  1. Open the User Manager
  2. In the User Manager menu bar, click View>Select User Account List.

    The User Account List opens.

  3. Double-click a User Profile in the User Account List.

    The User Profile window opens.

    The Add User window is the same form as the User tab of the User Manager when you create a User profile.

Profiles can also be edited by clicking the profile once to highlight it in the User Account List, and then clicking the Edit... button. From the User Account List, new profiles can also be added and existing profiles deleted by clicking the Add... (to open the Add User window) and Delete buttons.