Configure Overwatch Settings

Use the Server Manager to configure Overwatch settings. You should only need to change the default settings if you are not running Overwatch on the same server as your Cherwell installation.

To configure Overwatch settings:

  1. Select Start > All Programs > Cherwell Service Management > Tools > Server Manager.
  2. Select the Configure button next to Overwatch Configuration.
  3. Edit the settings if your Overwatch instance is at a different location than your Cherwell Server installation.
    Overwatch URLLocation of the Overwatch instance. Default is http://localhost:5000
    Environment Key This key is used by the CSM service to attempt to connect to an instance of Overwatch.
    Registration Key This key is used by Overwatch to allow CSM applications access to settings.
    REST API URLDefaults to the same base URL for the API used by the rest of CSM.
  4. Restart IIS from an Administrator prompt to ensure services are recycled correctly.